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SHINDO New Breed MMA Gold Coast is a modern mix martial arts that has evolved to suit a changing time. Mixed Martial Arts Gold Coast as a sport has turned the world upside down through the popularity of events such as the UFC, PRIDE and others educating a whole new generation to reality in combat sports.

As a martial art, SHINDO New Breed gold coast mma takes some of the important elements of the traditional styles such as respect, sincerity, honesty, integrity, and perseverance into a new field of training and application more suited to a modern environment.

SHINDO New Breed was Australia's first true full time MMA gym and it was founded on the Gold Coast in 1994, and the first to utilize an MMA based curriculum. We continually evolved internally to improve and adapt. We have always taught mixed martial arts from a holistic perspective - from the outset, coach Kerry Dunne understood that as a practitioner of MMA one needs to be capable and comfortable in all ranges of combat.

 While we approach MMA from a holistic point of view it is necessary to break it down in order to address each skill set. You will learn the following skills:


We also have a very successful kids MMA program which puts emphasis on children gaining confidence through safe and realistic self defence training based on the proven skills sets of MMA.


As a student at SHINDO you may choose to train just for fun, fitness and self-confidence or you may train and join the professional fight team. We are known as one of the premier fight teams in Australia with many champions in both Brazilian jiu jutsu (BJJ) and MMA who compete on a local level all the way to the UFC.

As well as SHINDO new breed on the Gold Coast we have our sister gyms SHINDO SLAM at Loganholme, Brisbane and SHINDO SC on the Sunshine Coast that you are welcome to check out!

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