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MMA Training in MMA Gold Coast  On Saturday 29th June 13, Shindo mma gym (mixed martial arts Gold Coast) held the mid-year grading for all students who were going for their
  yellow, orange and blue belts. There was a huge turnout of students from both the gold coast and
  sunshine coast gyms which was fantastic. Starting with the students going for their yellow belts it was
  clear to see as the day   progressed that the skills displayed by everyone was very impressive. It was great
  to see the number of students who were progressing from yellow to orange belts. Very impressive to
  watch these students’ development to the next level. Great technique such as striking, bjj gold coast, other mix martial arts training and fitness was on display Mixed Martial Arts Gold Coast | MMA GYM | BJJ Gold Coast | Mix Martial Arts Trainingby all
  those who went for their blue belts as they worked through
a grueling 10 x 3 minute rounds to obtain their belts. A big mention to all family and friends who came out for the day and showed your support.

It was a great day for Shindo and just to end with some parting words from Coach Kerry:      

“I would like to say how impressed with the 30 + senior students who graded today. Their level was superb! Thank you for all your effort and also to the great team from SHINDO SC making the trip down. See you next time OSU!”

- 2 Jul 13